Remembering the Past

I don’t typically get personal on this site, but today I am.  God has been working in an awesome way in my life for the past 10 years and I wanted to share some of that journey with you.

Ten years ago I began asking the crazy question of why do we really get baptized.  Here I was a Baptist Pastor’s wife no less with a seminary degree of my own asking this question as if for the first time.  It seemed to be so superficial and ritualistic with not much meaning behind it.  I know what I had heard all my life, “it is the first act of obedience”.  Was that it?  Did God ask us to do it just to see if we would do it?  I could not find that in the Bible!  I knew it represented our Death, Burial, and Resurrection with Him, but was there something more?  I knew John the Baptist baptized for the remission of sin, so why did Jesus get baptized?  I had all these questions and more reeling in my head.  I wanted answers, answers I never got in four years of seminary study.  So I began to search and ask.

That led right to the mikvah, which led to the Jewish wedding, which led to the Feasts then out of no where we, this Baptist family, began to celebrate Passover in our home as a family.  That was about 2008.  That same year I led some ladies in a Jewish wedding study.  I was learning so much and I wanted to tell everyone about what God was teaching me. 

Then through the circumstances of life we moved in with my parents in 2009.  We ended staying there for three years.  In those three years we continued to practice Pesach (Passover) as a family only now my parents were doing it with us.  I am not to sure what they thought about it at first, especially my father.  Truth be told I think he was tolerating it at first, but then God was working.

When my husband took another church position again in January of 2013 at a small east Tennessee Baptist Church we had no idea what God had in store for us.  We had no idea what He was going to continue to teach us.  We started out at our new church as normal, getting to know and love the people.  I did not even think of teaching for quite a while and did so even earlier than I had planned.  I began to teach the ladies that fall using the Beth Moore study:  A Women’s Heart:  God’s dwelling place.  It is a study about the Tabernacle and was her first (we did the remake version) study she wrote.  I know she has written many more, but I continue to believe that this one is her best. 

Then the next Spring I began to teach from what God had taught me.  We studied Esther and then the Jewish Wedding.  I also began to teach a Sunday School class where we started in Genesis, now over two years later we are still only in Exodus.  We are going slowly, but we are all learning so much, at least I hope we are, I know I am. 

God just began to show my husband and I so much.  We continued to learn about the Creation account and Answers in Genesis was so helpful in that.  We both continued to have a growing love for Israel and the Jewish people.  One the first things we did for us here in east Tennessee was find a local Messianic Congregation and found a wonderful one in Shomair Israel in Knoxville.  They have become family.  

Last year we did our first Jerusalem Marketplace and we are about to do it again.  We have people not only from our church helping, but from area churches as well and even some from Shomair Israel.  We are so excited about what God has been doing in our lives and church. 

Last year we began to be convicted about the Sabbath and started having a Sabbath study in our home.  This study moved into our church a few months ago.  I have so enjoyed the journey of faith God has us on and look forward to what He will teach us next.  We have seen His hand time and time again move Mountains we know we could not move.  Our children are learning to take the whole Bible seriously and it is such a blessing to watch them learn and understand that if God has spoken on a matter than that is the end of the matter. 

God continues to connect us with more and more of the Messianic Community and the connection is real.  Our love for Israel and the Jewish people and the Church has grown tremendously.  We are seeing prophecy fulfilled before our eyes and we long to be a part of it. 

God sent me to seminary 20 years ago on John 17 and Biblical Unity of the Body.  Little did I know then that what He had in mind was the One New Man, Jew and Gentile being one in Messiah.  I used to think in terms of denominations, but not anymore.  God’s plans are so much bigger than we can imagine!  God’s plans are for the mystery to be completed and it will be in the days before the seventh angel sounds His shofar (trumpet) – Revelation 10:7.  He announced this plan to His prophets with the life of Joseph and His brothers, with Ezekiel 37 and the two sticks of Joseph and Judah and then even Paul with his discussions on the mystery in Ephesians.  What an awesome God we serve!

I hope I did not get too personal, but I felt the need to today.  I am now happy to say that we and my parents are now seeking to obey the whole word of God out of love for our God, Savior, Lord, Master, King, Father, and Bridegroom for the wonderful salvation He has provided by the blood of Yeshua.  It is an honor to serve our King!

I hope no one sees this as bragging, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  It is nice to take an assessment of one’s life from time to time and remember what God has done.  To see how far He has brought us.  I am so overwhelmed at what God has taught us and is still teaching us.  I know we have so much more to learn and I look forward to learning more with you.  Thank You God For The Things You Have Taught us!

Rejoicing in His Love,