Come, Let Us Reason Together

In Isaiah 1:18 God calls the Israelites to come back to Him and to come reason with Him.  God did not call us to check our brains at the door in our relationship with Him.  If unity is His prayer.  If unity is His goal for us.  Then who are we to stay in our perspective corners and keep what He has taught us to ourselves? 

The problem is on some issues we have come to different conclusions.  Why?  Perhaps it is because we are only focusing on one side of the coin.  Perhaps we have fallen victim to the strategy of the enemy who sets out to divide and conquer us.  By the way, that is the only way he can.  The enemy fears us coming together as one in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Here’s the thing, I honestly believe that the enemy does not want us to talk to each other in humility, in an attitude of prayer and in the power of the Holy Spirit, pouring through the Scripture together, because if we do we just might begin to have true unity, even in doctrine and he has worked too hard to divide us to let that happen without a huge fight.

Should we fear or cower from that fight?  Absolutely not!  In the power of the Holy Spirit the book of Romans tells us we are more than conquers.  We should not fear the enemy.  We are to fear God, for that is the beginning of wisdom.  And we are not to fear men, for what can man do to us? 

So my fellow brothers and sisters in Yeshua the Messiah, come let us reason together with Him and learn from each other through the Holy Spirit. 

I hope you take advantage of this page and enjoy it at the same time.


2 responses to “Come, Let Us Reason Together

  1. Thanks for that! I got in argument this morning.I was telling a friend about the star Bethlehem we watch @ church he really didn’t want hear it just argue! Very narrow minded must be a church of Christ thing .sometime I can’t understand why Christian people would argue instead of learning from one another!

  2. Joe, unfortunately it does not have to be a Church of Christ thing. We, all the denominations, have partaken of that fruit of division. We have all become comfortable in own perspectives and hostile to the perspectives of others. I am of course speaking in general terms. We like to believe we are right and if we begin to listen to others than on some level we are admitting we may not have it all right, this makes us very uncomfortable and keeps us apart. Galatians 5 not only lists some the fruit of the Spirit, but also acts of the sinful nature. Among those acts of the sinful nature is discord, dissensions and factions. May we strive to live out the fruit of the Spirit instead.

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