The Lord’s Supper

This is another major divider of God’s people, The Lord’s Supper.  We seem to have our different perspectives of it all through The Body of Christ.  Why do you suppose that is?  It is my belief that we have such diverging opinions because at the time of the Reformation and shortly after when most of these opinions were being formed we did not look to the original source of the supper itself, The Passover.  We were still very separate from the Jews living in our mist at the time and knew nothing to very little of the festivals they practiced.  Yet so much is answered by just understanding, and the best way to do that is to practice a Passover meal oneself, what takes place in a Passover meal. 

Now that more and more Jews are becoming believers in Yeshua, we as Gentile believers no longer have the excuse of not having the information.  These Messianic Jews practice Passover in light of Yeshua and what He did the night of His arrest.  They have also published materials for anyone to see the truth of Passover as fulfilled by Yeshua our King.

Before I lay out what happens in a Messianic Passover, I first want to give you some time to look up some things yourself on what takes place during the Passover Seder, as it is also called.  Let me know what you find and let us reason together!

In The Name of Yeshua,


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