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  1. Do you have the book ,the evidence , the background for the information about Mardukaya also known as Mordecai , who’s information was found in BO RS I PPA during the administration of Xerxes
    thank you
    have a good day Lord

  2. Dear Vicky,
    I am so excited to read your messages online. I have been in touch with your husband and he gave me the link to your page. I actually was saved while reading Isaiah nearly thirty years ago. Before that I was a convert to Judaism from liberal Christianity (20 yrs of each).

    I have one daughter who is Jewish and a daughter and son who are Christian. I have been active in Precepts studies for some 22 yrs. I am looking forward to visiting with you when I am in the area and will be moving to Newport in March.

    In Christ


    • Kathy,
      I am looking forward to meeting with you and having a chance to get to know you. We will be praying that your move goes smoothly. Please let us know when you get here we would love to be able to help with the move-in.
      In Jesus,

  3. Hi Vicky!

    I have so enjoyed your writing on the book of Esther! What a lot of love you have poured into your research. I’m thrilled because I am getter ready to teach on the book of Esther to a group I lead in Newport Beach, California. I am adding a slant to it as I teach it that I don’t believe compromises the text or the story. I am going to be teaching gender distinctions that I have studies for the last decade as we discuss the King, Esther, Mordecai etc. As I read Esther lately I am very aware of the nuances included that reveal some basic tendencies of men and women.

    My online searches for more depth led me to your writing. I am so moved by what you have discovered! I also read several Jewish versions of the story. Some details I have questions about that I wonder if you might have any additional thoughts on are this…

    It was said that Xerxes was disrespectful to his wife Vashti. That she was ordered to come with only her crown on and display her naked body for all his drunk leader friends. (who were the husbands of the women she was entertaining. Her refusal was seen as brave and modest. Or she was pregnant or recently pregnant and did not feel comfortable showing her body. Vashti is seen as a hero by some, a feminist.

    You have said, don’t worry about her. She was a wicked queen. How do you know she was evil? Just because she worshiped the local religion? (Z)

    I also understood that she was not divorced. She could still be with the King, but her official capacity as queen was over. She could not go to court.

    I also read that Xerxes slept with his sons wife and her mother so he had little regard for marriage. This does not cast favorably on him.

    I would love to talk on the phone if you are open to it.

    I have some ideas I would like to run by you.

    Thank you so much for your amazing work on Esther!


    Kim Cummins

    • Thank you Kimberly. I would love to speak with you. You will find my email address on the contact page and I can give you my phone number from there. I am so thankful that God is using this for His glory!

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