The Greater Riches Their Fullness Will Bring!

WE live in an Blessed time!  WE are seeing something no other generation has ever seen.  More and more of the Jewish people are being grafted back into the spiritual people of Israel.  As they come, not only are they learning from Gentiles about the gospel, but the Gentiles are also learning from them the foundation of the faith. Their fullness, their acceptance of the Messiah, is bringing a vast richness back into the body (Romans 11:12).  Learning the great depth of the riches of God’s Word and of those things, such as the festivals, practiced by our Savior.  WE are living in a miraculous time in history.  The mystery of reconciliation between the Jew and Gentile in Jesus, in Yeshua the Messiah, is becoming reality in our time.  Our faith is becoming sight  The Holy Spirit is making us one with each other and with Jesus and the Father.

As this occurs, not only will the Jews and Gentiles be reconciled to each other, but it is my hope that even the Gentile denominations will begin to come together more and more in true Biblical unity of the Bride.  I heard a statement the other day about those theological issues that divide us.  Basically, the person said that they do not really matter.  But if they do not matter, then why do they separate us and have separated us for centuries.  They do matter, but we have let the enemy divide us so that we no longer pray together, study the word together, worship together and therefore do not know how to lovingly speak on these matters together.

This site will attempt to study the word of God from the focal point of the ministry of reconciliation, the mystery of making us one.  We can learn so much from each other when spoken in the power of the Spirit.  WE are here for such a time as this…


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